Privacy Policy

Daphne International Holdings Limited Privacy Statement

The site commitment to protect personal privacy. Due to the characteristics of Internet network, this site will interact with you directly or indirectly. So hereby explained the collection, using and protection policies of your personal information in this website.

1. When you browse, read or download the information on this site, the site will automatically collect and sort your information. (Internet domain name, the user’s browser and operating system type, access time, visit Page), this information will not be used to identify you.

2. When you register on this site, or join in relevant activities, in your consent and confirmed, this site will through registration forms, order forms ask you to provide some personal information. These personal information include:

Personal identification information: such as name, sex, age, identity card number (or passport number), telephone, mailing address, address, zip code, e-mail address.

Personal Background: occupation, education level, income, marriage, family status.

Without your consent and confirmation, in addition to state laws, local regulations and rules and regulations of the Government, this site guarantee that such personal information are not available to any private companies, only share with the relevant government departments if needed.

3. This site will use the appropriate technology to strict protection and manage your personal information in order to prevent the loss, theft or modification. For the protection of personal information, if necessary, this site professional and technical personnel will be commissioned by processing the mentioned data, and inform you handling arrangements in time. If you do not forwardly objects within the time to the initiative, this site will be presumed you have agreed. But after the treatment, you still have the right to request the cessation of computer processing.

4. This site cannot control or guarantee the link sites for its accuracy, timeliness and completeness.

5. When the Government in accordance with the statutory require the sites to disclose personal information, this site will be in accordance with its requirements or for the purpose of public safety to provide personal information. In such circumstances, this site are in the exemption.

6. Online survey activities

In order to the city constructing and social development, this site will be held the online survey and invite you to take part in it from time to time. If your participation, the any information you released will become public information. Therefore, we advise and ask you to carefully consider whether it is necessary to open your personal information in these activities.

This site protection of privacy affirmed the right to revise and update all of Daphne International Holdings Limited.